Exempt Activities

Not all industries are automatically covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Industries that are not required to have coverage are called exempt industries. If you’re in an exempt industry, you can voluntarily apply for workers’ compensation coverage to protect your workers. Please contact us if you’re not sure if you’re operating in an exempt industry.


Accounting, auditing, bookkeeping or Income Tax services, provision of

Actuarial services, provision of

Addressing and mailing services, provision of

Advertising agency, carrying on business as

Advertising display services, provision of

Advertising distribution services, provision of

Agricultural Financial Services Corporation

Agricultural management services, provision of

Alarm clock or wake-up services, provision of

Alcoholism and drug abuse rehabilitation centre, operation of

Amusement fair, travelling, operation of

Analytical services, provision of

Animal grooming, boarding or training establishment, operation of

Apartment, building or housing rental agency, operation of

Appraising services, provision of

Aptitude testing services, provision of

Architectural services, provision of

Art restoration services, provision of

Artifacts, historical documents or art exhibits, assembling or displaying

Artist, entertainer or performer, carrying on business as

Assaying services, provision of

Associations and Societies which do not operate as industries under the Act

Authorities, Boards, Commissions or Foundations that do not operate as industries under the Act, other than the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, the Workers' Compensation Board (continue*)

Authorities, Boards, Commissions or Foundations (continued*) and regional health authorities and subsidiary health corporations under the Regional Health Authorities Act;

Auto racing

Baby sitting services, provision of

Band or orchestra, performing as


Baseball club, operation of

Baths, including steam, turkish and sauna, operation of

Better Business Bureau, operation of

Billiard parlour, operation of

Bond, stock, investment or mutual fund dealer, carrying on business as

Bonding company, carrying on business as

Booking agency, carrying on business as

Bowling alley, operation of

Brokerage services, provision of

Buying and selling livestock

Charitable institutions, operation of

Chiropractic services, provision of

Churches, operation of

Clubs, private, operation of

Coin or stamp dealer, carrying on business as

Collection agency, carrying on business as

Commercial traveller representing an industry located outside the province, operating as

Commissioned livestock buying house, carrying on business as

Community recreation centre, operation of

Competitive sports of all description

Computer processing services, provision of

Conservation services, provision of

Construction in respect of a residence or building, other than a commercial building, by the owner for his own use

Consulates and foreign embassies, operation of

Consulting services other than consulting by a professional engineer as defined in the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions Act, provision of

Convention bureau, operation of

Counselling services, provision of

Credit management services, provision of

Credit reporting bureau, carrying on business as

Credit union, carrying on business as

Cricket field, operation of

Curling rink, operation of

Dancing studio, operation of

Demonstration services, provision of

Designing services, provision of

Domestic help, provision of

Drafting services, provision of

Employment agency, operation of

Escort services, provision of

Estimating services, provision of

Expediting of goods and materials

Exposition or trade show, presentation or operation of

Extraprovincial or foreign based charter flights, provision of

Finance or loan company, carrying of business as

Fire protection association, operation of

Football clubs, operation of

Fraternities, operation of

Geological services, provision of

Geophysical services, provision of

Golf course, miniature, operation of

Golf course, operation of

Golf driving range, operation of

Golf school, operation of

Gun club, operation of

Hair removal by the electrology or electrolysis method

Health studio, operation of

Hearing aid dealer, carrying on business as

Hockey clubs, operation of

Holding companies, operation of

Hostess services, provision of

Hypnotism services, provision of

Ice skating rink, operation of

Industry carried on by an Indian or Band on a Reserve except where the industry is carried on by a corporation or by a partnership in which one or more of the partners is not an Indian or a Band, any

Information bureau, operation of

Inspection bureau or service other than for the testing or inspection of pipe, operation of

Insurance adjuster, carrying on business as

Insurance company or agency, carrying on business as

Inventory loan company, carrying on business as

No Exempted Industries beginning with the letter J

No Exempted Industries beginning with the letter K

Laboratories, including analytical, bacteriological, clincial, medical, metallurgical, petroleum, prescription, research, testing and x-ray, operation of

Labour organizations, operation of

Land development, carrying on business of

Lapidary, carrying on business of

Lawn bowling clubs, operation of

Legal services, provision of

Liquidation, bankruptcy or receivership services, provision of

Mail order house, operation of

Mailing list services, provision of

Manufacturers agent, carrying on business as

Martial arts, provision of instruction in

Massage services, provision of

Medical and dental services, provision of, except when those services are provided by a regional health authority or a subsidiary health corporation under the Regional Health Authorities Act

Microfilming services, provision of

Mimeographing services, provision of

Mobile museum, operation of

Modelling agency, operation of

Mortgage company, carrying on business as

Motion picture distribution services, provision of

Motion picture film library, operation of

Motion picture film producer, carrying on business as

Motion picture laboratory, operation of

Motor association, carrying on business as

Museum, operation of

Music arranger, carrying on business as

Music instructor, carrying on business as

Naturopath services, provision of

Neighborhood information centre, operation of

Non-public funded activities of the Canadian Armed Forces, carry out

Optometry services, provision of

Outworker, being a person to whom articles or materials are given out to be made up, cleaned, washed, altered ornamented, finished, repaired or adapted (continue*)

Outworker, (continued*) in his own home or on other premises not under the control or management of the person who gave out the articles or materials, provision of services as;

Patent attorney, agency, developer or searcher, carrying on business as

Pawnbroker, carrying on business as

Peddler, carrying on business as

Pension plan company, carrying on business as

Personal service bureau, carrying on business as

Photo finishing services, provision of

Photographic reproduction and blue printing services, provision of

Photography, carrying on business of

Physiotherapy services, provision of

Piano tuning, carrying on business of

Planning commission, operation of

Professional and amateur sports instruction, carrying on business of

Professional sports

Promotion, sports and entertainment

Psychology services, provision of

Publishing without printing, carrying on business of

Purchasing agency, carrying on business as

No Exempted Industries beginning with the letter Q


Radio paging and signalling services, provision of

Real estate agency, operation of

Recording studio, operation of

Religious order, administration of

Rental of rooms and suites in a private residence

Research or training centre for developmentally disabled persons, operation of

Research services, provision of

Restaurant or concession in connection with an exhibition, stampede, rodeo, fair or sporting event, operation of

Rodeo, presentation or operation of

Roller skating rink, operation of

Sales person for an industry located outside the Province, carrying on business as

Sales promotion services, provision of

Sample distribution services, provision of

Savings plan services, provision of

Secretarial services, provision of

Sheltered workshop, operation of

Social service organization, operation of

Stampedes, presentation or operation of

Statistical services, provision of

Steamship agency, carrying on business as

Stenographic services, provision of

Swimming clubs, operation of

Swimming pool, operation of

Telephone answering services, provision of

Telephone soliciting and interviewing services, provision of

Tennis clubs, operation of

Town planning service or board, operation of

Translating services, provision of

Travel agency, carry on business as

Trucking conducted by an employer based outside Canada if the employer does not have an ordinary place of business in Alberta or does not employ workers resident in Alberta

Trust company, carrying on business as

Tutoring services, provision of

Unemployment insurance and investigating services, provision of

No Exempted Industries beginning with the letter V

Wax gallery, operation of

Wedding arrangement services, provision of

Writing services, provision of

No Exempted Industries beginning with the letter X

No Exempted Industries beginning with the letter Y

No Exempted Industries beginning with the letter Z